Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lawless 2012 English Download Movie

Lawless 2012 torrent

Year: 2012
Genre: Crime, Drama
Starring: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce
Director: John Hillcoat
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Users review: Its a long time since I've seen such a good gangster movie. While movies like American Gangster and Puclic enemies left me disappointed, it certainly shines as a bright light in the genre. But this is not your usual gangster movie, although it set to ban era.The film is 3 Bondurant brothers back in 1930, in a small county, who produced moonshine and sold it illegally. Younger brother Jack (Shia Lebeouf) is desperately struggling to become part of the family business and gain recognition on an equal brethren. Quiet and very sternly Forrest (Tom Hardy) reigns and basically see themselves and their brethren, like unto the immortals. This all changes when the deputy called Rakes (Guy Pearce) comes to the promise of the county where the business of his brethren knees.Tom Hardy's amazing how Forrest Bondurant and again provides a fantastic performance. He knows exactly how to dive into the character and make it stand out as something special. It is also by far the greatest performance from Shia LeBeouf, which comes from the shadow of the Transformers series, and finally plays the character with much more soul to it. Guy Pearce darkens as more senior deputy rake. It is definitely one of the best villains ever to hit the big screen and it is strange to see him and Bondurant brothers go against each other. Gary Oldman also like gangster Floyd Banner, and although its a minor character, he has some epic scenes in the film. Actually Theres really no bad performances in the same movie.The movie basically does not set a dark tone, but it has some fun and bright highlights. It has a lot of on-screen violence and some scenes are not for the faint of heart. But this is not the type Avengers-action movement, it has its slow moments of amorous subjects side of history, but I never felt like it took me too far from the main plot. I have only one complaint about one of the last places in the film, but I will not spoil it for you. Also, its not a deal breaker in any case, I still love this movie. I've never been a big fan of John Hillkoata, but it is certainly his masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and do not miss it!

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