Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reservoir Dogs 1992 English Download Movie

Reservoir Dogs 1992 torrent

Year: 1992
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Starring: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen
Director: Quentin Tarantino
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Users review: This is without doubt one of the best movies I have ever seen and appropriate to its position in the top 250. "Ll acquired taste, but if you are desensitization to violence (as I have), after Then you need to look again on the way to Lao Sin. Each actor perfectly suited to his character. Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink Squirrely, Harvey Keitel as a veteran you are white, and of course, Michael Madsen as you phsycotic Blondes white. The list goes on and people on.Some that violence is not necessary to move the plot More because it was Pulp Fiction. I agree, but the violence used to develop individuals with features. It shows the failure of their human life and anti-heroes of our the murder of a police officer steps on the bug. To future viewers of this film is not compared with Pulp Fiction and instantly enjoy a movie themselves. An exciting ride, exciting crime beginning to end, I This movie ***** / *****

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Goonies 1985 Eng Download Movie

The Goonies 1985 torrent

Year: 1985
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Starring: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen
Director: Richard Donner
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Users review: Well, well, well ....... this movie is my all-time favorite movie! The film helped me was there was not the first time I saw the film with them.The whole adventure! But what really bothered me was the exact date it was filmed! Oh my gosh it was dated back in 1985, I was not even born at the time, did a good job ..... but hey, I was the owner of the DVD so I can watch anytime I want to show you my children.But was so hard to find. I think so, I just want to stick to our cable.It was terribly Sean Astin (Mikey) and active.You certainly look as young as she is now the difference can be seen in Lord of the Rings trilogy. The story is not like ... so it was special! Place and the view is awesome, and really the City Astoria.My favorite character and Mikey Mikey Josh.They parents.So two brothers who wanted to help her, to save the last Troys father being shot to treasure. To find my favorite lines .... If you look at the sky, there will be a town, you'll see your friends, will have to be in a different school. its kinda touchy and feeling .... but good! The new album from Atari (Astoria So Long) was reading, where one of his song.I remember the last part of the lyrics goes like this one movie.The was an agreement, as long as the Astoria, I have a map to buried treasure and home empty-handed our pirate ships and wounded hearts, broken bones, best friends, even if the stories we have come. & I have my memories of their final issue had.This sand.I glass hourglass is my desire to bring it back im there, I take it all back.I remember the last lines of his mouth when he is trapped inside cave.I watched members of his band Atari childhood, and like them, we are bound by its long story.So The Goonies big spell, you will be remembered as one of the most incredible had.Just movies like the movie, the relics of remembrance are just like shipwrecks only rain.But are faster than the smell away now optimistic than the dreams of our childhood memories into a .......

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Step Up All In 2014 Download Movie

Step Up All In 2014 torrent

Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Starring: Briana Evigan, Alyson Stoner, Ryan Guzman
Director: Trish Sie
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Users review:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Knights of Badassdom 2013 English WEB-DL Download Movie

Knights of Badassdom 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage
Director: Joe Lynch
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Users review: The makings of a good film, but somehow simply discarded. Take mushrooms for LARP events, summoning a demon from hell, suckers, etc. .. can? Can write a great comedy only those, but this time just do not do. He was not a single moment or a funny line in the whole movie ... Cmon there's a little person doing a lot of drugs and somehow they manage to make it funny. How is that even possible? Loose. The only good thing about this tragedy is that? Its short e. The acting was not bad, but this movie is just losing? your talent ... Do not waste time. Tucker and Dale vs.evil WATCH WHERE! (Can I get your head around the fact how bad it is a movie)

RoboCop 3 1993 Download Movie

RoboCop 3 1993 torrent

Year: 1993
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Starring: Nancy Allen, Robert John Burke, Mario Machado
Director: Fred Dekker
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Users review: RoboCop 3, the film is far and away better than most people give it credit for. The fact that her third in the series, which had toned violence, and its not Peter Weller looks really put peoples backs. No, and those people who seem to be in a movie slate vitriolic campaign ignored its most important merit. Plot it. The plot carries RoboCop saga set, much better than predecessor did, and I think its about time some light is shone on whom ; the fact. Mc villain Daggett is strong and reliable and Robert Burke did an excellent job in replacing Weller. The plot is very well structured and paced, and really interesting story about corporate greed stampeding people. Now I'm not saying Robocop 3 had a great social message, but the rebels were completely reliable, switching from Robocop was very well received, and the whole story itself , m gelled naturally. Was not exempt from problems of course. Niko was probably a little more for fans to accept RoboCop, SFX and action scenes and want a couple more mill being spent on them, and fight n Final between Robo and Otomo just flat out sucked. However, what is important for many people is the story and acting. In these two levels RoboCop 3 points and I really wish that people could see past the number 3 at the end of the title and make this movie more opportunities. Anyone who seriously thinks Robo 3 is one of the 100 worst movies of all time deserves to sit in front of a man, while car my apology unless scream :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow White and the Huntsman 2012 (by Namenlos123) AC3 Download Movie

Snow White and the Huntsman 2012 torrent

Year: 2012
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron
Director: Rupert Sanders
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Users review: The fans were great, they have interested me, had me excited to finally Snow White And The Huntsman, but my excitement was quickly disappointed. The film begins to show how the Queen came to power and does a good job to was the public welfare of its introduction, but it fell apart shortly after that.The game very stiff in the whole film, I think Kristen Stewart cast in the role of Snow White, she did not act the chops, even if this game. semi-serious role, you should be on the Twilight series uses pacing of the film remain felt from easy. Their are many anti-climatic scenes like the end, it only leaves you wanting more and wondering what they could do to make this better movie.Dialogue the whole movie was pretty bad, how to make good, the people in my theater laughed only once or twice and are praised during a scene that was not even thought funny.Most critics Therons performance was that, but they are really just whined the whole time and was exaggerated, they do not really get but it was the best part of the film .4/10

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Hunger Games 2012 English Download Movie

The Hunger Games 2012 torrent

Year: 2012
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Director: Gary Ross
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Users review: Firstly, I havent read a book. I was lured into watching a movie with a little more information than a tag line and IMDB. This film, while technically well made, they suffer plot completely boring, predictable and unengaging. Theres no one can doubt that I would change the channel if I was not stuck in the cinema.This supposed to be popular with the girls 13 years old. If you do not fall into this group, there are better movies to spend your time. If anything, it made me want to spend the Truman Show - movie.And dome decent TV show I ever figure out what why called The Hunger Games.

Frozen 2013 (English) (DVD) Download Movie

Frozen 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Starring: Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel
Director: Chris Buck
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Users review: ?? Concert is is amazing. U?? This graphics are incredible, they put a lot of effort into?? ?? Characters and music. Music is awesome. ?? Concert is very good, especially ma?? Small children, because they love to tell you how?? S. Huh?? recommend?? into?? ou all ma?? small children and those who are a fan of Disney. The director actually choose to vote Anna and Elsa. ?? Concert is is as good as you say, two sisters deal, and one I?? they are so different from a man, because it has a powerful magic that can turn things on ice and snow. Elsa is a lot of fun persona?? As compared to Anna ................................. all i?? my ap?? Valga

Monday, March 3, 2014

Disconnect 2012 Eng DVDRip.AVC Download Movie

Disconnect 2012 torrent

Year: 2012
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Starring: Jason Bateman, Jonah Bobo, Haley Ramm
Director: Henry Alex Rubin
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Users review: We had a chance to see this amazing movie in a quick preview last night at the theater AFI / Silver in Silver Spring MD. It is a powerful film that exceeded my expectations. Read marketing blurb, I was worried it would be just another hi-tech thriller Making use of all the latest cool technology. Being a technological Luddite I was about to pass, but the comparison Crash pulled me in, and I'm glad I went. This is an ambitious ensemble film about how three different character sets impact technology has become an integral part of our lives. We follow the stories of these people, how they cope with the new reality caused by its dependence on electronic devices. This is a lame description, but I can not go further into this to be painfully gripping film to destroy you. Let's say that you remember and relive any nonsense you did as a teenager, every stupid decision to make now, and how these decisions are complemented by our dependence on electronic devices. None of the stories are new to the human experience, but the speed with which events occur and the severity of the consequences of increasing alienation from wired society. Game screen acting, cinematography, editing, lighting together to increase the tension of the film. Jason Bateman, particularly stands out in this dramatic way. He proved that you can sit in the front row of men drama actors and I hope to see it expand your resume in play. All participants who reach deep into their properties, with much realism to you to sit in the theater, especially the effective use of text on the screen to display the on-line chat. Like the previous reviewer describes voyeuristic perspective shots. Spectators review refers rear window in comparison, and it's true. This movie rear window for the new millennium, where we noticed our neighbors who live in mobile phones and lap tops. Is this film a thriller? It's exciting in a way that will turn on the edge of your seat and dive deep into your seat. This movie will leave you thinking for hours and days later. Also're You can look at your cell phone and laptop computer with a new confidence. I can tell you, my favorite scene, except that it is quite human, not reaction-Tech by character in grief. I will have to wait for friends to see this movie, then we sit down face to face and talk about this scene. Go see this movie, tell their friends to go see this movie. And then have a good conversation about this outstanding film.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rush 2013 [English] Download Movie

Rush 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Biography, Drama
Starring: Daniel Brühl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde
Director: Ron Howard
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Users review: I was invited to check Cineworld ticket holders Ron Howard Rush.Before my new movie started last night ... I am not a fan of F1, but the main protagonist of the story , I know enough to appreciate the film. The main set pieces of the film is set in 1976, one year before I The result, therefore, in particular, based on my knowledge and recollection of events Father of me. See id interview with James Hunt and Niki Lauda View recently along with the footage so you get The idea of ​​characters.The film is bang on time, the fashion, and really set the tone, The film is nothing short of breathtaking and FX is very casual, not CGI.The ridiculous display is generally not nothing short of a miracle, and Brühl Hemsworth is fantastic, especially H emsworth, whos accent attitudes and natural interpretation is surprising. I can see a few awards for this role. I saw the movie quite a few in Brühl, and I was surprised I always just this trend continues so. Help actors are all very good, well-paced film roles.The small 2 hours and The quite, especially for minor accidents scenes.Direction: Ron Howard - Beautiful work , im not a fan of massive, and especially the Da Vinci / Angel returned to form after a decent Failure great. flair is now safe (as is usual), but leave the center of the story and actors like stage.If F1 history, and movies with good competition this document capture be seen. , Moneyball, and excellent control is similar, but with a bit of heart.8 1/2 of 10

Friday, February 28, 2014

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 [English]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 torrent

Year: 2004
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Starring: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson
Director: Michel Gondry
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Users review: This film gives us what we all secretly want - a chance to forget something you thats wrong in the past. The viewer can almost live vicariously through two dysfunctional characters that are remarkably similar to ordinary people. Problems in the compound are the same. Small quarrels and squabbles are things we can all relate to. Acting was amazing throughout the film, I forgot you watched the Ace Ventura. Carrey and Kate Winslet sell high performance, both types of forced conversions that have already chained to a landing. The film not only gives us the opportunity to see what it was like painful memories have been erased, but also gave us the opportunity to see everything deserves a second, my happiness. The method ends leaving the viewer to imagine how life bohateróww end. An idealist might say that they lived happily ever after, the pessimist might say that they just did not come to dislike each other again. In any case, it leaves us to imagine their own end, characteristic of many films leave. Basically, the movie makes you think, or ...? It really gives new meaning to the phrase you never know what you have until it is gone.

The Mummy 1999 [DVDRip-AVC] WEB-DL Download Movie

The Mummy 1999 torrent

Year: 1999
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Starring: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah
Director: Stephen Sommers
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Users review: Mummy thread adventurer Indiana Jones is a vein. Its fun, very charming, and never tries to be more than what it is. What is it? Entertaining summer flick that is worth seeing, not only, but maybe the owner. His movies are funny, and every now and again hardly ever do so.Its get tired of the same name, a remake of the classic Universal you can return. A murderous mummy is brought back from the dead - the basic idea is just a new way of telling the story. During this time the hero and heroine, who is to stop him before he could take on the world, or something along the lines of the world we domination.The hero Rick (Brendan Fraser), a thief off the very foundations of the rich land of Egypt, around 1930. Arrested and hanged, the heroine (Rachel Weisz), who believes that the key to the ancient kingdoms of Egypt, you will find them buried in the sand, if I remember correctly, he may be able to help save her (even a straight time, because I've seen this). Little did he know what lurks under the sand near the Old Kingdom kings of the man who was caught cheating on his wife other than the mummified.Now years ago, and the crown of the visible remains of the expedition led by our heroes of the ancient Book of the Dead, which, when read, revive old mummy on the come. Now he is out to kill, revive and bring back her old lover - pretty neat, huh? Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, the film is a spoof on the classic film I have. Mummy is not exactly a scam, but his tongue-in-cheek. He is not an Oscar winner, the film has no objection to the older, and so is the excitement of the pulp.. Humor, quiet, but ironic, sarcastic, cool, but a strong lead. What would have been like if he cast an actress for her role, and that it would have taken everything I asked in earnest. I bet the results would have been disastrous. Fraser knows all that is good fun, and definitely fun to play its role in a comedy. Once in a while an eye catching tells us that he knows what hes doing.2001 sequel called The Mummy, Mummy Returns all of the screen. Like this, you can ask for in this film are just as enjoyable, though some critics found. In the summer of 2002 brought yet another movie The Mummy, Scorpion King prequel called this - he was the co-star of the first follow-up. Mummy have none. It was not nearly as much fun to film this was. So as soon as possible, I recommend you see a mummy. After that, Mummy Returns.Either to see, you just can not go wrong.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Into the Woods 2014 (Eng) Download Movie

Into the Woods 2014 torrent

Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
Starring: Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt
Director: Rob Marshall
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Users review: