Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rush 2013 [English] Download Movie

Rush 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Biography, Drama
Starring: Daniel Brühl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde
Director: Ron Howard
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Users review: I was invited to check Cineworld ticket holders Ron Howard Rush.Before my new movie started last night ... I am not a fan of F1, but the main protagonist of the story , I know enough to appreciate the film. The main set pieces of the film is set in 1976, one year before I The result, therefore, in particular, based on my knowledge and recollection of events Father of me. See id interview with James Hunt and Niki Lauda View recently along with the footage so you get The idea of ​​characters.The film is bang on time, the fashion, and really set the tone, The film is nothing short of breathtaking and FX is very casual, not CGI.The ridiculous display is generally not nothing short of a miracle, and Brühl Hemsworth is fantastic, especially H emsworth, whos accent attitudes and natural interpretation is surprising. I can see a few awards for this role. I saw the movie quite a few in Brühl, and I was surprised I always just this trend continues so. Help actors are all very good, well-paced film roles.The small 2 hours and The quite, especially for minor accidents scenes.Direction: Ron Howard - Beautiful work , im not a fan of massive, and especially the Da Vinci / Angel returned to form after a decent Failure great. flair is now safe (as is usual), but leave the center of the story and actors like stage.If F1 history, and movies with good competition this document capture be seen. , Moneyball, and excellent control is similar, but with a bit of heart.8 1/2 of 10

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