Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hours 2013 (Eng) [REFiLL] (DVD-R) Download Movie

Hours 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Starring: Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, Nancy Nave
Director: Eric Heisserer
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Users review: ? Ka? Give second counts.? Time is the first feature film Heisserers Eric, but he is mainly known for his screenplay for the object (version 2010) and Final Destination fifth He takes an attractive point of interest, but failed to deliver, as the film is too? many unpleasant moments with many forced dialogue. Take the scene where Paul Walkers character the most? Bad news from the doctor about her man? Elah. The scene felt completely forced and never managed to draw the audience in. There are many scenes-like,? Ev when completely around the place. Paul Walker is on his own for sentences? Inu from the film, and once the story started to drag it failed to engage me. There is little excitement? Measurement and almost? Extraordinary action scenes. For the most part, it was only to see Walker speaks aloud to his newly born child, or rescue dogs met later in the film. When? Samko spoke together, we gave the film is a flashback of how he and his? ena met. Hours shouldve film was full of tension, but failed to deliver Heisserer adding many unnecessary scenes and forced a hope? Physical performance pedestrians e alone.The film place in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina as Nolan (Paul Walker) and his pregnant man? Elko, Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez), at a local hospital, where? entered into early labor. Hurricane is going to hit the city hard, while the doctors? Nolan to demand to stay in the waiting room, when? believe, Abigail. A few hours later, Dr. Jeremy (TJ Hassan) Prine? Ejí? Bad news. Abigail had a complicated job, newborns should remain on the ventilator for him? Snooker 48 hours, no? learns how to breath on his own. Mother did not make it. And what is it? Mountains you? Teenagers, the hospital was hard again? Ena storm, forcing in? Evacuate all people. Nolan is said to remain in the hospital with the child in the ambulance with him?? Return e and make it safer? Teenagers and soil. Cut off from the outside world Nolan has his own forced to make quick decisions to save? Life of her child. If a slogan suggests? Ka? Give second counts? Eric Heisserer not? did a very poor job, so? e few seconds wasted in this film. It did drag at certain moments make me feel like I was looking at more than? two hours film, and when? in fact it is only 95 minutes of the film. Paul Walker is not? Wrong, in this film, but it just was not given the right material to carry the film on their own. Among the most interesting? Teenagers moments of the film comes when? Rescue dog appeared and it kind of brought? Life on an otherwise dead movie. All times are uncertain and full of dull moments Prine? Even this film down. Walker will have men? Teenagers and dialogue and flashbacks shouldve been cut out? INTENDED from the film. Some gave? Teenagers and exterior shots of the storm he?? E have worked better?, Because,? Wreckage e scenes are very well taken. Overall, this film is not terrible, but it failed dr? Et entertain me or invested in the story.

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