Thursday, November 14, 2013

V H S 2012 English Download Movie

V H S 2012 torrent

Year: 2012
Genre: Horror
Starring: Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes, Adam Wingard
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
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Users review: Saw this on Fantasia Festival and hope to have the opportunity to see him with a new audience, because I'm not sure that the film would be as effective if you were watching at home alone. In any case, V / H / S, a collection of short films horror found clips produced by Brad Miska, the man behind the Has focused elements of various talent Indy filmmakers established, including David Bruckner (sign), Ti West (restaurateurs), Glenn McQuaid (Stake Land), Adam Wingard (a terrible way to die), listed Mumblecore actor / director Joe Swan Burg, and popular Internet video collective called Radio Silence (better known by different Chad, Matt and Rob INTERACTIVE Adventures). I liked all segments, even if the two stand up best test post-experience is probably Bruckner (amateur night) and Swanburgs (a strange thing that happened Emily nutritional r she was young). In amateur night, a couple of guys give a pair of glasses to a friend Spycam and three out to have a wild night on the town. They end up bringing two young women back to his apartment, it seems one of those extreme games, while the other can play really well, to the extent that it behaves like a lively but animals; cautious, always bugging his eyes out, her impressive hard and fast in every movement or sound, and instead of speaking, she whispers in only understandable outbreaks wild verbalized. And indeed, when their clothes come off, you will find that there is much more to this girl that I could never have imagined. How strange thing happened to Emily, this means a series of (often stationary) Skype video call between a man and a woman, the latter convinced a strange device is inside your home, perhaps the ghost of a child that she hopes to communicate while watching her boyfriend impotent via laptop screen. Those who easily get sick of constant swingcam filming will be particularly pleased with the inclusion of this one.The second segment are: second honeymoon (Ti West) - A pair of holiday ventyras intruder.Tuesday night of mystery 17th (Glenn McQuaid) - A young man is not being honest about their intentions when she takes her friends to a secluded spot in the forest where several assassination once occurred.10/31/98 (Radio Silence) - Friends out to a party dressed in Halloween costumes lame, but instead of reaching their destination, they find themselves in a haunted house in the worst demonically possible.and engaging time ... Tape 56 (Adam Wingard) - some guys are paid to break into a house and steal a video tape. When they get there they find a man dead and dozens of bands. To find the band that they were asked to steal, they begin to watch the tape After The other (the other five stories'M they think about these bands).

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